How to use YouTube Ads to Grow Your YouTube Channel (The Right Way)

Pour Gasoline on your YouTube Channel Growth with In-Feed Ads

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  • I’ll give you my Step-by-Step Training on How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your YouTube Channel using In-Feed Ads (Like Fuel on a Fire)

  • I'll share the Story of How I Almost Deleted the first Video that Made me Over a Million Dollars (and what that taught me about Confidence on Camera & being an “Authentic Authority”)

  • You’ll get access to a Raw & Unfiltered 2 Hour Interview where I share my Journey of Scaling my Business to 8 Figures

  • And I’ll share the Best Teleprompter App that I use to Record my own Scripted Videos

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How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your YouTube Channel (The Right Way)

One of the biggest questions I get asked when people discover that I’m a YouTube Ads Expert is, “Can you use YouTube Ads to grow a Channel?”

And the answer is Absolutely BUT you have to ensure that you set those ads up the right way (and use the right type of ad for YouTube Channel growth)

You see there are different types of YouTube Ads & they work differently depending on the goals you have.

VAC (Video Action Campaign) YouTube Ads run as mostly “In-Stream” Ads on YouTube - these ads appear in front of other YouTube Videos & are skippable after 5 seconds. These are also the “Classic” type of ad you probably think about when I say “YouTube Ads”

These In-Stream & VAC style ads are great for driving Direct Response Conversions on sites off of YouTube. For instance driving traffic to a Lead Magnet, Webinar, Training or even a Product directly.

That said, these types of ads are actually bad for scaling a YouTube Channel & in fact, when used incorrectly, can actually harm the growth of a YouTube Channel.

That’s because one of the super-powers of In-Stream ads is also it’s downfall for channel growth — the ability to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

The issue is if you have this type of skippi g happening on a public YouTube Video it can actually Harm your channel’s average Watch Time - which is one of YouTube’s most important Metrics!

That’s why we always recommend to run a Classic In-Stream YouTube Ad as an Unlisted Video - so it doesn’t harm your channel’s watch time & stats.

^ This is also why YouTube Ads get a bad wrap from a lot of the Organic YouTube Experts out there - this is the only type of ad they know & they’re afraid of it’s ability to harm watch time.

That said, there is another type of YouTube Ad - one that is designed to help GROW a YouTube Channel & actually simulate someone naturally finding a YouTube Video on their own (but as a Sponsored Ad).

And that Ad Type Is:

“In-Feed” YouTube Ads - These are ads that appear in YouTube Search Results & alongside other YouTube videos as “Suggested Videos” - and then when people click the ad they go to the Video Watch Page as they would had they just discovered the YouTube video organically

This type of ad allows you to get your YouTube Videos to the Top of the Search Results & as a Top Recommended Video — and when done the right way this type of ad can dramatically Increase your Channel Viewership, Subscribers & Growth!

What we’ve found is these types of ads, when setup correctly not only directly drive more viewership & subscribers to your channel, but they can also Increase your Video & Channel’s Watch Time which can help your channel increase it’s Organic Reach as well!

Essentially putting Fuel on the Fire of your YouTube Channel!

How to Scale YouTube Channels with In-Feed Ads (For as Little as $5-10/day)

I want to give you a Free Training on How to Run In-Feed Ads to Grow Your YouTube Channel 📈

This is a Complete Beginners Guide on the Exact Strategy I use to scale YouTube Channels (for ourselves & clients) using a specific type of YouTube Ad that simulates naturally discovering a video on YouTube: In-Feed Ads!

Unlike In-Stream Ads, which appear in front of other videos on YouTube, In-Feed ads appear in Search Results, in the Home Feed & alongside other videos as "Suggested Videos" on YouTube -- and lead directly to your watch page!

This simulates someone discovering your videos & when you do this the right way, this can add fuel to the fire of your channel to help it grow far faster than it would organically ⛽️

Now it's important you follow the right strategy because when running ads to videos on your channel there are risks -- you need to make sure you watch your Watch-Time & retention carefully & target the right people so your retention is high & your views compound.

I created an 18 Minute Step-by-Step Tutorial that I previously only shared with our Consulting Clients, but I want to share with you for free over on my YouTube Channel! 😁

I'll post the link in the comments (for the algorithm) -- and all I ask is if you find the video valuable drop a "Like" on that video!

I've already had someone tell me they "doubled their viewers overnight" & increased their average retention watch time by 55 seconds! (which is a strong signal for YT to promote the video more)

If you want to check it out -- link is below! 🚀


The YouTube Ads In-Feed YouTube Channel Growth Strategy by Aleric Heck

Watch the Full In-Feed YouTube Ads Guide:

I Almost Deleted the First Video that Earned Me Over a Million Dollars…

Six years ago, I almost deleted the first video that ultimately made me over a million dollars before it ever saw the light of day.

The honest truth is, I didn’t want to publish it. Why? Because at the time, I was fifty pounds overweight and self-conscious about the way I looked.

Back then, because of my busy schedule & focus on growing my then-early business, I rarely exercised and also developed some unhealthy eating habits.

Up until then, my weight wasn’t on full display because I was always behind the camera, either literally behind the camera on my YouTube Channel AppFind, where it was really only my voice & hands that were in the tech tutorial videos, or I was behind the scenes of our clients running their YouTube Ads.

That said, as I saw more & more success, I decided it was time to create a powerful new YouTube Ad for myself, and as I recommended to our clients, I was going to be the star of the ad & feature my expertise in the video.

The content of the video itself was great - it followed our full framework (Hook, Educate, Call to Action), but when I watched it back, I hated how I looked on camera.

I really wanted to delete the video and hide all evidence that it had ever existed, but after a furious internal debate, I finally decided not to. I published the video anyway and ran it as our core YouTube Ad driving to our Webinar.

It’s a good thing I did because it was the best YouTube Ad I’d developed for myself up until that point, and I ended up scaling it to over 550,000 views, tens of thousands of leads, and over a million dollars in client revenue!

It’s surreal to think about what I would have missed out on if I’d let a lack of confidence hold me back.

Now, I’ll be brutally honest: I didn’t look great on camera in that video, but it doesn’t matter. I showed up as an authentic authority, spoke confidently, and viewers responded.

You see, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, how you sound, or how little experience you have in front of the camera. All that matters is that you show up as your Authentic Self.

Despite all of your insecurities and self-criticism, the fact is you have unique gifts, talents, and great things to share with the world!

And that’s what I want to empower you to do as well!

Authentic Authority

Everyone faces a degree of self-doubt in some area of their life. It’s whether you let that control your actions that define your success.

Part of being human is that we all have differences, and sometimes we can be hyper-aware of those differences, especially when putting ourselves out there. But those differences are what make you authentically you!

Whatever your age, race, gender, nationality, accent, or appearance, what matters most is that you show up as yourself, speak from the heart, and share your knowledge, experience, and expertise authentically with authority. 

Providing value and leading with confidence in what you’re sharing is the key to becoming an authentic authority in your chosen space.

Maybe that seems easier said than done. After all, how exactly does someone become “authentic?” It’s a question I get asked all the time, and the answer is simple.

You already are authentic. You just need to allow yourself to be seen for who you are by being the real you!

Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to look, act, or sound like somebody else—your uniqueness is your authenticity, and it’s what makes you special. 

We’ve all seen videos of people pretending to be something they’re not, and you can usually see right through them. The videos tend to feel fake, “salesy,” and forced. They’re off-putting to viewers and ultimately don’t build trust. While they may get results in the short term, they sacrifice the long term. 

The best way to ensure that you come across as authentic is to approach the video as if you were sharing your expertise or knowledge with a close friend. With close friends, we tend to be more comfortable in our own skin. We don’t put up walls or try to be someone else.

For me, that means not being apologetic that I’m a bit nerdy. I love business, I like numbers, I’m a big fan of escape rooms (I’ve done more than 100 of them!), and I have an intense passion for video and video marketing—I let all of that shine through because that’s who I really am. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, and I love helping them tap into the best and most authentic versions of themselves so they can get out there and share what they know.

To get to the best and most authentic version of yourself, you first have to let your guard down.

Peel back the layers, take down the walls you’ve put up.

When you provide genuine value in a genuine way and let your authentic self shine through in your videos, your ideal client will respond positively to your content and come to trust you!

How to Build Your Confidence on Camera & Be the Authentic Authority

Raw & Unfiltered 2-Hour Interview where I share my Journey of Scaling to 8 Figures

A couple of months ago, I sat down with Brad on his Podcast “Beyond a Million” to share the raw & unfiltered journey that I had building AdOutreach into an 8-figure business over the last 7 Years.

I also share some of my Best YouTube Ad Strategies and Hacks - so make sure you’re ready to take some serious notes!

Most podcasts I’ve gone on haven’t gone as deep & are often time-limited, so it was great to dive in & share the unfiltered journey - and I want to share that with all of you as well!

The Best Teleprompter App that I use to Record My Scripted YouTube Videos

With the story I shared earlier about being Confident on Camera, I thought it was fitting to also share the Teleprompter App that I use when I’m filming Scripted YouTube Videos & Ads!

Now, it’s worth noting that not all of my YouTube Videos and ads are fully scripted. I actually love to do some of my videos as Outlines/Bullet Points that I film more “on the fly” - that said, when I want to make sure I get the scripting exactly right, I turn to a Teleprompter app!

After testing literally dozens of Teleprompter apps, I found one that I consistently return to & use - as well as the one we recommend to all of our clients.

I personally use the App Teleprompter Premium (this is not sponsored or an affiliate link; I just love the app, haha)

The thing I love about Teleprompter Premium is that it has multiple different ways you can use the app - you can use it to control a teleprompter on a full camera setup (with a teleprompter device from Amazon & an iPad with the app)

Or even use the app to film videos using your iPhone & the Teleprompter appearing on screen alongside a mirrored video of yourself - this makes it easy to film Gimbal-Style YouTube Ads!

You can also control the Teleprompter easily with a second device or adjust the speed of the scroll to your desired timing. Also adding in new documents is much easier than other apps I’ve tried since it works with Microsoft & Google Doc formats easily.

Many of the apps I tried up until this point had some features, but lacked others, I’ve found Teleprompter Premium to be the most robust & makes it easy to record videos quickly!

Hope you find this valuable next time you film a scripted video!

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